Revista de la Construcción. Journal of Construction



The Journal of Construction is aimed at professionals, constructors, academics, researchers, companies, architects, engineers, and anyone who wishes to expand and update their knowledge about construction.  We therefore invite all researchers, academics, and professionals to send their contributions for assessment and possible publication in this journal.



The objectives of the Journal of Construction are:

1. To disseminate new knowledge in all areas related to construction (Building, Civil Works, Materials, Business, Education, etc.).

2. To provide professionals in the area with material for discussion to refresh and update their knowledge.

3. To disseminate new applied technologies in construction nationally and internationally.

4. To provide national and foreign academics with an internationally endorsed medium in which to share their knowledge and debate the topics raised.




General specialties of the Journal of Construction:


1. CIVIL WORKS/BUILDING: Road infrastructure (Highways, Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Paving), Building (at height/Extension), Social Housing, Airports, Water Works, Port Works, Industrial Works, Construction, Concession System,

Maintenance, Infrastructure, Recycling.


2. SUSTAINABILITY: Energy Efficiency, Engineering, Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Energy Modeling and Simulation (Building Performance Simulation), Habitability, Life-Cycle Assessment, Certification Systems for Environmental Quality and Energy Efficiency.


3. MANAGEMENT: Construction & Project Management, Construction Innovation, Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, Construction Management, Quality Management, Risk Management, Innovation in Construction, Strategy in Construction Companies, Economics of Construction, Project Evaluation, Real Estate Business, Public Policy in the Construction Sector, Construction Performance.


4. STRUCTURES: Structures, Earthquake Engineering, Testing Techniques for Structures (steel, concrete, wood, etc.), Metal Structures, Reinforced Concrete, Wind, Earthquakes, Pathologies in Construction, Durability, Rehabilitation of Structures, Structural Concrete. (Not included: Structural Design, Structural Modeling).


5. CONSTRUCTION SCIENCES: Chemistry, Material, Concrete, Steel, Corrosion, Acoustics, Acoustic Materials, Physics of Construction.


6. MATERIALS: Asphalts, Steels, Wood, Composite Materials, Concrete, Concrete Technology, Cement, Construction Materials, Nanotechnology in Construction, Innovative Materials, Pathologies in Materials, Digital Manufacture,

Automation in Construction.


7. ENGINEERING: Engineering (Geotechnics, Structures, Numerical Modeling), Geotechnics, Soils.


8. TECHNOLOGY: Construction of Buildings, Construction Technology, Innovative Technology, ICTs in Construction, Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Vol 16, No 1 (2017): Revista de la Construcción. Journal of Construction

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ISSN: 0718-915X